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Hawkesford James Moving Homes Checklist

When you’re moving home, there’s so much to think about and organise.

To help make the process a little simpler, why not check out our quick checklist of utility reminders.

  1. Post: Those final bills, magazine subscriptions or the store card vouchers you’ve been saving up may still be addressed to your previous home. To give you time to change your address on everything, you can set up post redirection through the Post Office (though be aware you will have to pay a fee).
  2. Internet: Agh what will I do without Netflix?! Speak to your current provider about your contract terms as sometimes you’ll be able to transfer it over to your new house or it could be a chance to shop around if you’re finishing your contract. You’ll need to book a date for installation though and that could take several weeks so try and plan ahead if possible.
  3. Gas & Electric: Let your current energy supplier know you’ll be moving at least 2 days before you move and take your final meter readings to pass on so that you get an accurate bill. When you move home you can stay with the provider or change to a new one, and make sure you take the new meter readings when you move in.
  4. Banks: Inform your bank and any credit and store cards of your new address as soon as possible, to make sure all of your communications are coming through to the right property and that you have the correct billing address set up.
  5. TV license: If you’ve paid your TV licence annually up front, you just need to change your address with them and the contract will carry on as usual. If you’re moving in with someone then you will only need one licence per household.
  6. Council Tax: Get in touch with your local council to finalise your current bill, and get set up with your new council as soon as possible as you need to pay from the date you move in.  Council Tax differs in amount per area, per property type and even by the amount of people in the property.
  7. Doctors & Dentists: There may be a waiting list for good doctor and dentist surgeries in your new local area so sign up with your new address as soon as possible – you never know when you may need them.
  8. Water: As with your energy suppliers, your water supplier also needs to be notified and you need to have your details changed with them. Your new area’s water supplier will contact you once you’ve moved in to work out a payment plan with them.
  9. Insurance: Do you have your buildings and contents insurance planned? If you’re renting, find out which you’re covered on (usually building insurance will have been sorted by your landlord). If you’re buying, be aware that you need to have building insurance from the point of exchange, not on completion – so make sure you remember to sign up.
  10. Voting: Make sure you’re registered to your new address on the Electoral Roll, so you can be involved in national and local votes. If you’re asked to register and you don’t do so, you could be fined by your local Electoral Registration Office.

Make home-moving easier by ticking off this list before and during your move, to take a weight off your mind and enjoy your new home!

By Anna Duggal

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