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It’s never been easier for buyers to request a viewing of a property. This, of course, can be an advantage. However on the other hand, it can also attract those ‘less serious’ buyers; ones that view houses as a pastime (yes they really do exist!) or that just ‘want to see what’s on the market’. So the big question is, how do you whittle the serious buyers out from the ones that could be wasting your precious time? The simple answer, a good estate agent!

Before you are even aware of a request to view your property, a good estate agent will be working hard behind the scenes to make sure your buyer isn’t one of the ones classified above. Through excellent communication your agent will be able to identify those buyers who are not only serious about house viewings but also what position they are currently in, in regards to readiness to move. One to one telephone communication is vital here, as is building a stable relationship; both things a good estate agent will be able to do seamlessly. After all, a ‘ready buyer’ will produce a higher chance of sales and will save both the estate agent, seller and themselves, precious time.

An experienced estate agent will almost run a ‘match making’ service between prospective buyers and vendors. Through clever communication your agent will be able to discover vital information to match a buyer with prospective properties. This is done by understanding the buyer’s needs from the basics (how many bedrooms, budget, proximity to schools etc) to the more specific (house style or period) A clever estate agent will use this information wisely to maximise your viewings without wasting your time. For example, a client might say they ‘need’ four bedrooms. With good communication the estate agent finds out that they will only be using three, at least in the immediate future, and so directs them to three bedroom houses which have the possibility of extending in the future if need be.

This ‘match making’ is vital and also has the benefits of no wasted viewings – before even stepping in the property, the agent knows that it will ‘match’ the buyer’s requirements, and that the buyer will match the seller’s requirements.

Furthermore, an excellent agent will be fully aware of a prospective buyer’s timescale and finances to make sure that the sale continues to be successful down the line. After all, the offer is just the first hurdle.

With a variety of stumbling blocks that can be hit when selling a house, it is imperative that you have a good agent onside who will help you to navigate these and what better than to have the perfect match maker from the start.

Jon Hawkesford

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