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In 2002 we identified an opportunity within the property industry to create a truly independent and professional estate agents in Sittingbourne, built on family values of honesty, support and trust. Fast forward to today and our award-winning agency holds these values closer than ever, guiding the direction, growth, and culture of our business.

Whether you are about to get on to the property ladder, looking for your next home, in need of sound investment advice from a local letting agent, mortgage advice, or a safe pair of hands to manage your property portfolio, we’d love to hear from you.

How to gain possession of your property

While the vast majority of tenancies end when your tenant decides to move on, you may occasionally need to evict them. That could be because they’ve broken the terms of their rental agreement, or it might simply be that you want to take your property back – perhaps to move into it yourself or carry out renovations. Whatever the reason, you’ve got to make sure you follow the correct legal process. Find out how to evict your tenant the right way in our latest blog:

Licensing for HMOs - Your guide to the rules in England

If you let a property as an HMO, the regulations are tighter and there are far more management demands than for a single let property. And one of the key things to make sure you understand and get right is licensing. In our latest blog, we take a look at mandatory and additional licensing for HMOs, how to find out whether you need a licence for your property and what that means for you as a landlord

Get your rental winter ready

Any property can be affected by the potential risks that the winter months bring – including storms, freezing temperatures and security issues. But when you’re a landlord you have a legal obligation to keep your tenants’ home safe, secure and in good working order, so what should you be doing to get your rental winter ready? In our latest blog, we look at what the law says and then run through the key steps you can take to ensure both the property and its services are in the best possible shape ahead of the winter season.

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